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One of the 'Destination' rooms in Canada since 1978


Did you ever get the feeling when you walk into a place that it's a player's room? Sometimes it's the quality equipment ( in this case Brunswick and Diamond ) Sometimes it's the distinctive wear patterns that good players leave on a cloth. And sometimes it's the hard to define aura that players leave after they've gone.... ...a 'je ne sais quoi' that is embedded in the woodwork and the wallpaper.
Cliff Thorburn, Canada's best ever snooker player, made this his home room in the 80s. I watched him on a bad day once, nothing looked right to him that day, lay his cue on the table several times, wash his hands and face, and still manage to run a 147. Cliff could win tournaments with his B-game.

Steve Davis, Jimmy White, Tony Knowles, Willie Thorne, Tony Meo, and Terry Griffith all made the trek to Le Spot when visiting Canada. Alex Higgins went broke here trying to give an 19 year old Kirk Stevens a modest spot on 6 reds....little did he know that many of us thought that Kirk was the best 6-red player in the world.
Gary Natale and John White were two young players who made their bones at out popular Monday night snooker...they both went on to win Canadian snooker titles. Jim and John Bear, Jimmy Wych, and Alain Robidoux ran many centuries here.

Then pool took over.
Danny Dilberto became a frequent visitor, running 100s at straight pool and giving impromptu clinics. Something must have rubbed off on Chris Wood and Jeff White who became Canadian nine-ball champions. Jose Parica lost to Peter Kippe on a 6x12, but nobody could beat him on a nine-foot pool table.

And then Alex Pagulayan came of age....Le Spot went crazy when he became world nine-ball champion in 2004. Sometimes when Alex would return to Canada, players like Antonio Lining, Corey Deuel, and Warren Kiamco would accompany him, dazzling the regulars with their amazing skills.
But with all the champions and serious action that has entertained us, I still see the same intensity at times from the league players that want to bring it home for their team. It's great to see someone dig deep and give it everything they've got.

So if you should happen to come to Le Spot, before you order a drink or a meal from Scarborough's best cook, stop at the top of the stairs and FEEL the place. It could be the residue emanations of over three decades of champions and striving pool players you're feeling.